Friends Only & Intro Post


I am Kriss. I am not very good at writing about myself, but I will try my best! Also, I am going to write this entry as if I were posting to my own journal, since I think that is probably the best way to know what your friends page is getting itself into!

I am:
Born in 1987
From Florida, USA.
I am an ISTP.
An artist.
Obsessed with music.
Addicted to TV shows.
Addicted to Twitter.
← This is my face.

I love meeting new people from all walks of life. I find it interesting to read about how other people are getting on. That said, I really do prefer journals that are about real life, rather than fandom. That isn't to say I am not involved in fandom though! I also love to take part in comment spam! I try to reply to every comment left in my journal. Here are a few lists so this doesn't get too terribly long! It will get long anyway. I am forever TL;DR.

Things I like:
Korean/Asian music.
Indie music.
Comic books (Marvel & DC)
Japanese dramas.
Korean variety shows.
American and British TV
Cute things!
... and a lot more.
Main Fandoms:
Super Junior / BTS / B1A4 / VIXX / UP10TION
Plastic Tree / Gazette / Sakanaction
One Direction
Game Grumps
Star Trek / Doctor Who / Teen Wolf
Marvel (MCU and Gambit)
Howl's Moving Castle / Spirited Away / Totoro
... and more. Just ask? Oudated ones... sobs.

ANYWAY, I usually post about whatever has happened to me around the time of my posting, give or take a day or two. Basically I will talk about anything and everything, really. If a new song comes out that I like, I will post about that. If I am watching something or reading a book, I will mention that. I just talk about my life. I can guarantee that we probably have something in common, somewhere, too. I also tend to post pictures in every entry. I really love taking pictures of things and sharing them! So if you like picture posts, my journal definitely has them.

I am a very TL;DR person.
I go off on tangents and get waaaaayyyyyy off topic.
I have no concept of TMI. I can be very nosy. D:
I don't spread rumors. I keep all data collected in my brain.
I don't cause drama. I ignore it.
I maek a lot of typos taht look a lot liek tihs.
I ask a lot of questions, not because I am ignorant, but because I am curious.
I fear that people think I am ignorant due to the above......
I become paranoid easily............... *looks at last bullet*
Doesn't know when to shut up... XD
How To Get Along With Me:
Be direct and clear.
Listen to me carefully.
Don't judge me for my anxiety.
Work things through with me.
Reassure me that everything is OK between us.
Laugh and make jokes with me.
Try not to overreact to my overreacting.
What's Hard About Being Me:
The constant push and pull involved in trying to make up my mind.
Procrastinating because of fear of failure.
Having little confidence in myself.
Fearing being abandoned or taken advantage of.
Exhausting myself by over worrying and always scanning for danger.
Wishing I had a rule book so I could do everything right.
Being too critical of myself when I haven't lived up to my expectations.

DISCLAIMER: I do suffer from depression, but feel free to just skip any entries talking about that. I don't expect anyone to fix me, and I definitely not looking for attention.

✖ Testimonials (because I promised I would put them somewhere) ✖
Kriss is awesome! She's incredibly kind & genuine and an unfailingly loyal friend. She's also a massively talented artist. What's not to love? ♥

kriss is jawesome and always nice to me and has tasty taste in music! (✌゚∀゚)☞ ♥

Kriss is very very loyal and so sweet and kind. If encouraged or if she's comfortable with someone, she can also talk a lot (hee!) We've got epic conversations to prove that. She's also incredibly talented, but she won't believe you when you'll tell her that, which is why if you're her friend, you should tell her more often, OK?

Kriss is a hilarious, caring person, who's always fun to talk to about anything. She's a great person and deserves the best! :)

Kriss is kind, caring, and full of love. She is a beautiful person, inside and out, and I hope she always remembers that ♥

krissasaur gives you wings!

Kriss is a great friend and someone who always speaks her mind. (I really admire this quality of hers.) She's also really awesome to have on your side when plotting to overthrow evil forces on the internet. Hypothetically speaking, of course...

Kriss makes me tingle tingle.

Krissasaur is the kindest, bestest, most wonderfulest dinosaur ever!

Yea!! I hate it in a way, because I always then freak out and panic that I asked something wrong or came of as rude, as well.
Yea, just too much negativity at once! 2014, for me at least, really isn't the best year.

I will add you in those places :)
may i add you? i saw you comment on burger's journal and clicked through to your journal! you seem super sweet and fun, and i'd like to be friends with you if it's okay with you!
Sure! ....If you don't mind the fact that I have been a horrible friend lately on here. I don't update or comment much at all these days.... D: I don't know what has become of me T_T