Zhou Mi Pimp Post!

Why? Because I want to stan him, and spamming with people makes me stan people harder.

Why stan him? LOOK AT THAT SEXY NOSE. OH YEAH. *shot*


Birth Name: Zhou Mi/周觅/周覓

Korean Name: 조미 (Jo Mi)

Nicknames: Seasoning (조미료 - Jomiryo ), Gentleman Mimi, Mimi (觅觅/咪咪), Mister Koala (考拉先生 - Kaola Xiansheng),Mi Precious (觅宝 - Mibao), Close Friend (密友 - Miyou), Honey Bee (蜜蜂 - Mifeng)

Date of Birth: April 19, 1986

Can Speak: Mandarin Chinese (Fluent), Korean (Fluent), Cantonese (Conversational), English (Basic)

Height/Weight: 185cm/64Kg


Zhou Mi is has a very gentlemen like personality, however, he tends to be dorky.

Before joining Super Junior, Zhou Mi had already made a name of himself in China by competing and winning many different televised music competitions.

Zhou Mi never directly auditioned for SM Entertainment, instead, a friend submitted an entry for him through the “recommend a friend” option, and due to the fact he could sing in Korean fluently, he quickly won over the judges and was asked to join the company.

Like Henry, many fans have harsh and negative thoughts about him. Many fans are not happy and will boo when Zhou Mi or Henry are singing. T_T (Speaking of which Zhou Mi closed his Weibo (Chinese twitter?) because of threats and harrasment.)

His primary language is Mandarin, but he also speaks Korean and understands conversational Cantonese.

He contributed to the group's first Chinese album "迷 (Me)" by writing the Chinese lyrics for "爱你爱你 (Love Song)", "Marry U" and "渴望 (A Man In Love)". In 2009, he wrote Chinese lyrics for "告白 (Confession)" and "爱情接力 (You & Me)" of Super Junior-M's first mini-album, Super Girl.

He wrote the Chinese lyrics for three tracks, "爱,频率 (Breaka Shaka)","记得 (Remember)", and "我们的彩虹 (Rainbow)", on Kangta's first Chinese digital mini-album in 2010.

He loves fashion.

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Tumblr: Fuck Yeah Zhou Mi!

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I like this pic

You know, the first album of Soju I snagged was 迷 (Me). To this day, when I hear the Korean versions of songs like Marry U, Me, U etc, they sound weird to me. XD
i know you too well. i didn't save that one then i went back and saved it because i was like i think she will want it.


yea. i deleted all the Chinese versions of Korean super junior songs and all the Korean versions of the Chinese songs. I CANT STAND IT IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.

Oh also: Me is supposed to be Chinese?

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I always wondered... how can anyone not love this dork!?
Gah, some people are blind. XD;
yea, i dont get the hate at all.. be happy! we now have more hot bitches to fangirl over!!!
AWW. MIMI LOVE. He needs more love~~

It kinda remind me again how sad I was when I learn that Mimi can't attend the SS3 here in my country.=((
I wanted to get to know more about Zhoumi.. Thanks for posting this- it helped! :D

I love his fasion so much *O*

Oh my god, he is so fucking hot! I am so glad that I saw him on stage *___*
YAY, a Zhou Mi pimp post~ He deserves one. ♥
Haters can go jump off a cliff. :D
AHHHHHHHH this post is beautiful :D

also, typo: (考拉先生 - Kaola Xiangsheng) should be Xiansheng :PPP
Yea, I kinda liek the black and white ones but the leopard ones... er... oh zhoumi XD....
Yay! Zhou Mi <3
I've been thinking about finding out more about him since up to now I've only fangirled the main group (and that have left me more or less bereft of both him and Henry)
I must say thought that from the little I've seen so far he seemed so awesomely dorky and I love that nose of his X3
*wanders of to find more pictures*
i think i have most pics. if you find more let me know? i like.... took all of his weibo at least XD