eatyourkimchi rant.

Yesterday I saw that eatyourkimchi pissed off people once again. It's not like I didn't expect this to happen, though. I have no idea what they are doing anymore. Why can't they just suck it up and apologize? They come of so much as internet trolls who don't ~give a fug, and that is... so sad for me. I used to love and respect them so much. I really did.

My dislike all started when I began to realize how ~wrong~ they were about Korea (and I even had my Korean friends telling me I shouldn't watch their videos because they were so wrong/ teaching me false facts about Koreans.) but I let that slide. Then Martina insulted the language, and even confessed she gave up learning it, that made me even angrier, because they have been their for 4+ years! They preach Korean culture like they really know it (even when wrong) and they can't even speak the language? I still let it slide though, because they were just being ignorant and radiating their white privilege. But I was starting to dislike them.

Then the Teen Top video came along, and they insulted Teen Tops fans, and called Eric a pedophile, and lol Eric wants to molest Teen Top, and I just.. I CAN'T with that. I don't care if the Teen Top video in itself was creepy (what with the cheating and noona loving), but those comments were UNCALLED FOR. (I feel I should note that the video Eric was in was Teen top's SUPA LUV MV, which was a separate video from the one where they insulted the fans (향수뿌리지마). The way I worded that made it sound like it was in the same Music Monday.)

They then quit their jobs and told everyone they were just going to make a living off of YouTube. And then claimed their were poor and started giving out their address REPEATEDLY and begging people to send them things. (And they even made claims that it was impossible to buy certain items in Korea, which a few friends of mine have said you easily can get in Korea, if you like, you know, look.)

I decided to email them because I was pissed, BUT I WAS NICE ABOUT IT. I even joked around, and kissed their ass, and at the same time I didn't want to believe these two people I respected so much at one time could actually be so terrible. The response I got? "TROLOLOL WE DON'T CARE." There was also something in there about how people like when they are assholes, and compliment them on it, so they don't plan on stopping. Okay. I guess I got my closure, even if it wasn't the closure I wanted.

I stopped watching every video they posted after that (Aside from a few I watched due to drama, just so I could form an unbiased opinion.), but it appears to have just gotten worse. I am almost at the point of just sitting back with a bowl of popcorn and loling at how ignorant and defensive they are. They are imploding in on themselves. But despite shaking my head and stifling a laugh, I still rage every time I see their name.

The Hyuna thing really pissed me off. They called her a slut, a stripper (And shamed sex work. "[we would rather see Hyuna] dance with JS, rather than ON JS - like a stripper." Which despite how little pleasure I take in sex related things, I am not against sex work at all.), and they said other terrible things in that video as well. I don't care if you hate the TROUBLEMAKER video. It isn't really about the video. It's about what they said and how they handled the situation. Their response to the pissed off fans was "Trolololol it was just a bet!" and "WE DID NO WRONG! CAN'T YOU TAKE A JOKE? LOL" .... And in general they just immaturely dodged all responsibility.

Why is it so hard for them to just say sorry? I will admit that I am guilty of slut-shaming in the past, and I am sure I have made many racist remarks in my life. But when faced with the facts, or when I read something which informs me that what I am doing is wrong, and why it is hurtful, I choose to change how I phrase things. I have been faced with this countless times in my life. In the end, much of the way I think has changed as well. When a friend of mine says, "You know, the way you use those terms really hurt me." I FUCKING STOP. I apologize and stop. I do not just say "Trololol, well I obviously didn't mean it, IT'S JUST A JOKE! WHY ARE YOU SO UPTIGHT!?" No. I fucking stop and try to better myself, because, despite my past ignorance, I uh... don't want to be seen as ignorant? I want to grow, and learn, and become a better person. I don't want people to hurt because of the things I do and the choices I make. But Simon and Martina obviously do not give a fuck.

Now apparently they made a video saying: "This just in, Block B fans around the world have gathered to murder Martina of eatyourkimchi. They have accused her of being and anti-fan, a racist, and pacifist, and albiest, and a whole bunch of other -ist words that they don't understand probably because they have the propensity to be very easily butthurt."

.................. So basically now they are calling their viewers idiots. If you take offense to them making rape jokes, or offense to them calling Hyuna a stripper, or offense to them making fun of a Koreans English (when they can't even speak Korean!?), or offense to them throwing around any, and all, derogatory terms, then "LOL! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THOSE WORDS REALLY MEAN! YOU ARE JUST BUTTHURT."

Not to mention, that when eatyourkimchi fans go around Tumblr making death threats to anyone who disagrees with eatyourkimchi, Simon and Martina go around liking the posts. Way to be hypocritical.

I... I just Can't.

I think I have just come to full blown hate them. I don't even know why I am ranting about this. JUST SEEING THEIR FACES ON MY DASH CREATES RAGE THESE DAYS.