I somehow started to watch Secret Garden.

I watched a Korean movie on Netflix, and then it started to auto play the Korean drama Secret Garden. I didn't know what it was until the theme song started playing, but as soon as I heard it I knew because.... that song is in every variety show ever made..... And usually used while every variety show cast members reenacts that god awful sit up scene. (Which lets be real here, was pretty annoying in the actual drama.)

Anyway I kept watching for some reason, mostly because of the Big Bangs parody, to be honest. (Part 1, Part 2.) I couldn’t stop giggling because all I could see was G-dragon when ever I saw the girl. Like..... I can't. LMFAO. Big Bangs parody is so SPOT ON.

To be honest, I think I like this drama a lot better than most Korean dramas I have watched. It doesn't really exaggerate things in the way I hate. There was only one scene so far in the 3 episodes I have watched that really annoyed me, in which the main male lead refused to ride the elevator with the main female lead, because I guess it was too "low of him" to ride with her, so he instead takes the stairs, like 20 floors of stairs...... Instead of just waiting for another elevator to arrive. YOU KNOW. LOGIC. I just cannot deal with this level of ridiculousness. But as I said, that’s the only time this drama has so far really done something so logically absurd.

But it is still a Korean drama, so of course the male lead is still harassing and abusing the main female lead. What else should I expect from Korea? And of course this is romantic, and I am supposed to swoon every time he grabs her and makes her feel assaulted. I mean, that's true love right? When a man grabs you forcefully by the wrist, and you tell him to let go, and he doesn't, but instead forces you to do something against your will. This is true love, right? Him pulling down your sweater forcibly, while you struggle, and say "No." and try and keep it on. This is romantic you guys. I mean, all he is trying to do is look to at your wound!! Even if you don't want him too!!! It shows how much he cares about you!!!! SO ROMANTIC....... Wait what? No. Not at all Korea.

And then something that really got to me is that she later grabs him by the arm, and proceeds to throw him over her shoulder and onto the ground... As self defense..... Why didn't she do this when he was physically harassing her? And then of course he takes it too far, and throws her down, reversing the situation, and pins her by the arms, startling her. I am not going to lie, it was very triggering for me, and was very terrifying for me to just sit and watch it. She is fighting, and struggling to get up, but can't. And then, the icing on the cake is that he then feels the need to say, "I am a man, you think I can't win?" WOW LOOK AT THAT SEXUAL TENSION. No. No. No Korea. No. How am I supposed to find this cute and romantic? I have no idea, but apparently it is.

You then find out that her coach is infatuated with her, and it is unrequited, which makes everything worse, to be honest. I say worse because of this: They decide it’s a good idea to show that super romantic scene again, you know, the one where he pulls off her sweater by force? And it turns out that her coach was watching the whole thing. Why is this bad? Because he is heart broken, and jealous, by the sight of this. WHY WOULD HE BE JEALOUS. His face just reads "I am jealous because he is the one that is there for her, while I am up here watching." ...... BUT HE WASN'T "THERE FOR HER" HE WAS HARASSING HER. If I was the coach, and saw that, I would have raced down there, punched the male lead in the face, and told him to "KEEP HIS HANDS OFF OF HER" and that if a woman says "NO" or "STOP" then to fucking OBLIGE.

Over all though, compared to most Korean dramas I have seen..... So far it is not as bad as I make it out to be. I am just picking out really small plot points, but sadly, they are ones I am not able to overlook. There have only been two physically assaulting instances in about 3 episodes? Where I find in most Korean dramas it is constant. I think it helps that the main male lead in this drama is completely smitten with her, love at first sight, so it kind of rules out the trope where the male insults the woman for the first few episodes. Not that he doesn't do this subtlety. So yay! Barely any insults.... I guess that’s a plus?

Anyway, he has now started to emotionally harass her. He is making excuses to see her, and these excuses consist of being a controlling asshole. It's beyond creepy. I know that I am supposed to think this is romantic, because, you know, stalking and harassing her shows me that he really cares. That he loves her so much. That he is willing to do these things that are so out of character for him!! HE IS JUST MISUNDERSTOOD, OKAY? He doesn't know how to love, blah, blah, blah, she is changing him. I get it. I know what you want me to think, but I am sorry, that doesn't change the fact that he is creepy.

Also, just because she left her locker open, doesn't mean you have the rights to go through it, and take pictures of her pictures so you can have them too? I MEAN. WHAT. That is straight up stalker behavior.

There was also a part where he said that she was his Kim Tae Hee... And that really bothers me. Kim Tae Hee has become a house hold name, and is known to be a top actress, and is also know for how beautiful, and ideal she is. It bothers me, because the drama acts as if him saying this changes things, and for the main female lead, it does. There is a scene where she is pretending to be her in her mind, for gods sake. WHY WOULD THIS COMMENT CAUSE YOU TO BECOME SMITTEN BY HIM? THINK OF WHAT HE HAS DONE. He has forcefully ripped off your clothing, pinned you to the ground and threatened you, and now he's stalking you, for money that you owe him, which he said you didn't need to pay earlier, just for an excuse to see you. He is making you feel like you aren't good enough, and causing you to be emotionally unsatisfied with your financial situation. He is walking all over your pride. Tearing it down. So why are you falling for him? Oh wait, I forgot, he compared you to Kim Tae Hee. He shallowly thought highly of you, SO OF COURSE. SO ROMANTIC.

I just hate that looks are being placed above actions. "He compared me to Kim Tae Hee... A man said I am as good, if not better, than Kim Tae Hee. A man is justifying who I am." Yes, so of course that excuses all of his previous behavior. Because he likes you as much as the Korean population likes Kim Tae Hee, that means its okay for him to harass and assault you. To be honest, I don't even know what I am saying anymore. The logic behind this has completely lost me. It just makes me think of rape culture.

Anyway, speaking of rape culture, there was a part that really irritated me. After the sit-up scene she stands up for herself, and kicks him, scolds him, and walks away. He then proceeds to be a self righteous ass.

him: I am really angry right now.
her: Do I look happy to you? I'm blowing my top off right now. Go away.
him: Again and again insulting me. What is wrong with you? Why do you keep using such ugly words?
her: I said it as nicely as I could, since you are the CEO of some important place. I could say even worse things. You would hate that, right? Why do you keep (stalking) hanging around me? Why do you keep showing up? Why are you doing this to me? Do you like me by any chance?? (Oh yea, that's the logical explanation??)
him: (Let the insults begin.) Do I look insane? Do I look like an idiot? Have you ever seen someone like me, like a woman like you? Do you think that makes any sense realistically? I think you are misunderstanding. If I piled up the pictures of women with good education, family background, and looks that want to marry me, it would be as tall as a building. But with your family education, background, and age, you don't have one thing that is good. If you have an objection, raise your hand? (She is dumbfounded, and cannot answer.) See, you have none.
her: Then why are you (stalking) following me everywhere I go?
him: Why do you ask me that?
her: ...Then what should I ask?
him: You should ask yourself. What am I supposed to do? I keep thinking of you. With you there or not, it seems like you are always around. So what am I supposed to do? What have you done to me? Why are you torturing me? (Wait, what? He is the victim here? How did I miss this!?)
her: ....What? (I agree.)
him: You hang up on me whenever you feel like it. When I come to find you, you get angry. When I try to buy you food, you get angrier. (Yea, maybe she wants you to LEAVE HER ALONE.) Even worse, you beat me up, and tell me to leave. (THEN LEAVE.) You are a completely weird woman. But that is the problem. You are so weird that I find you amazing.

............ How do I even start with this. So basically he insulted her, and talks about "me me me me me" and how she is the one that is hurting HIM and HIS FEELINGS, but.... now that's why he likes her? What? If you truly like her, why do you have to tear her down first? Think about it. It just screams rape culture to me in the same way a rapist would make an argument of: "You were wearing a skirt, so I couldn't help but rape you." Reaching, I know, but I can't help it if it gives me the same vibes, specially after he has already pinned her to the floor, and refused to stop when she has already said "No." multiple times.

Anyway, cue the sappy music.
She has now had an epiphany and is falling for him.

EDIT::: I just watched the beginning of episode 4... And I can't on so many levels... Watch here, as he drags her through the store, and then has the gall to say "Should I dress you?" and TOUCHES HER AGAIN. INAPPROPRIATELY. Not to mention while dragging her she said "Let go." AT LEAST 5 TIMES. What's worse, is that when looking for a clip, I found blog posts talking about how hot the dressing room scene was. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?