+2PM: Taecyeon ▬▬▬ Judging!

Hyuna is a stripper.

Yup. I officially hate these people.

"Troublemaker really pushes the limits.. And not in a way that anyone but a really horny guys can appreciate"

... what?

And then Martinas whole rant about how "It's not fair to call Hyuna a skank." would be fine and dandy... if they didn't contradict them selves and bassically call her a slut every other second of the video?????

And to be honest I found the whole "dancing on Hyunseung like a stripper" not so bad at all. I actually like it? And it is not like she was grinding her ass on his crotch. Or had him between her legs. SHE WAS LEANING ON HIM SEXILY. And even if she was? Who cares? They are both adults? I mean yea, she wiggles her butt on his butt, but (but but butt butt but but)... IT DIDN'T BOTHER ME?

AND OKAY. They can dislike this video, lol. I DON'T REALLY CARE, but I can go back and find another sexy video they reviewed, and loved, for the reasons they hate this one. They are being hypocritical shaming bitches and that's why I am pissed.

And they are always hypocritical. Another example of this which I can think of off the top of my head is Infinite. When they reviewed Be Mine they said, "We love it because it sounds like it's from the 80's!" and then when Paradise came out they said "What the fuck is this? It sounds like it's from the 80's. And we hate that." ............... And then they also claim they listen to Infinite a lot.. BUT ALL OF INFINITE SOUNDS 80's/90's INSPIRED? I mean I can understand disliking songs. I personally like Be Mine more than Paradise as well, but their reasoning....?

Okay. Back on topic. I like both the song and video. Hyuna is attractive to me. I don't know why they feel the need to point out how unattractive she is? (Though I do find her attempt at sexy strange at times, but she has a different look in general, and that is why I like her. And millions of people do find it sexy, so fuck your 'opinions' Simon and Martina.)

And you know, I would really not give a shit what they say, and probably wouldn’t be typing this..... If I hadn't happened to look at their Tumblr tag..... If it wasn't for how they are reacting and the things they are saying after the fact.

I decided to give myself a go at them after seeing how they were behaving. I didn't want to believe they were this bad? So I went to their site and left a comment about how I thought it was wrong to slut-shame Hyuna, and also asked them to remove the Hyuna is a stripper tag. I was very nice about it, and even threw in a few kiss ass comments. THEY BANNED ME FROM ACCESSING THEIR SITE. Aimee told me that my comment has also been removed.

So yeah, now they are banning IP addresses of anyone who disagrees with them. L. O. L.

Also? I didn't mention it, so on that topic, one of their tags was "Hyuna is a Stripper," and when called out on it? What did they say?

Funny story, but not so funny story. You just made us $20 off that comment. A friend of ours (who is also a YouTuber) argued that no one cares about the tags and that putting them in is a waste of time. We bet him $20 that people do notice the tags and that they’re actually a big deal. So he told us to put in an outrageous tag and see if people noticed. People noticed in under 12 hours, so we changed the tag back to “Hyuna 4Minute”. What we didn’t expect was that the one tag would cause more controversy than the 10 minute video. And that’s the reason for the tag. Kind of lame huh?

What bullshit. As someone on Tumblr said, why not write something you know.. Less offensive if this is true!? Why "test it" by pissing people off and hurting fans feelings? SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL KIND OF JOKE IS THAT?

Read the rest here if you want: http://tr.eatyourkimchi.com/post/14217568603/some-rage-for-simon-and-martinas-critique-of

It's all in response to this rant someone posted: http://noonaneomuhomo.tumblr.com/post/14198512006/some-rage-for-simon-and-martinas-critique-of

Ah... There is actually so much more on Tumblr that pissed me off.... But I can't find anymore to back up my rage, so I probably just seem ridiculous right now. Really it's not about the video so much, it's how they are reacting to the pissed off fans. It's how hypocritical they are being. It's how they are censoring people who disagree with them. It's how they are just acting like children and making lame excuses like "OMG IT WAS A BET YOU GUYS."

I have just lost all my respect.